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Results: UCI live timing

All Elite and Junior events will feature on the UCI World Cup Live Timing website.

If attending the event, please bear in mind that the 4G signal can be a bit variable, especially within the World Cup Village.

Hall of Fame

Most of the stars of Downhill and 4X since 2002 have had a win at Fort William – and those that haven’t, want one. Check out the Who’s Who of Downhill and 4X racing

Who’ll take the victory in 2022? Who knows – but as ever, the crowd loves it when a Brit stands on the top step of the podium.

Below tables will have button to switch from one to the other (yet to be styled).

YearDHI MenDHI Women
2002Chris Kovarik AUSTracy Moseley GBR
2003Cedric Gracia FRACeline Gros FRA
2004Greg Minnaar RSAAnne-Caroline Chausson FRA
2005Steve Peat GBRTracy Moseley GBR
2006Sam Hill AUSTracy Moseley GBR
2007Sam Hill AUSSabrina Jonnier FRA
2008Greg Minnaar RSATracy Moseley GBR
2009Greg Minnaar RSASabrina Jonnier FRA
2010Gee Atherton GBRSabrina Jonnier FRA
2011Greg Minnaar RSATracy Moseley GBR
2012Aaron Gwin USAEmmeline Ragot FRA
2013Gee Atherton GBRRachel Atherton GBR
2014Troy Brosnan AUSEmmeline Ragot FRA
2015Greg Minnaar RSARachel Atherton GBR
2016Greg Minnaar RSARachel Atherton GBR
2017Greg Minaar RSATracey Hannah AUS
2018Amaury Pierron FRATahnée Seagrave GBR
2019Amaury Pierron FRARachel Atherton GBR
Year4X Men4X Women
2002Cédric Gracia (FRA)Anne-Caroline Chausson (FRA)
2003Greg Minnaar (RSA)Katrina Miller (AUS)
2004Guido Tschugg (SUI)Anne-Caroline Chausson (FRA)
2005Leiv Ove Nordmark (NOR)Jill Kintner (USA)
2006Michal Prokop (CZE)Jill Kintner (USA)
2007Brian Lopes (USA)Jill Kintner (USA)
2008Jared Graves (AUS)Jana Horáková (CZE)
2009Jared Graves (AUS)Jill Kintner (USA)
2010Jared Graves (AUS)Jana Horáková (CZE)
2011Roger Rinderknecht (SUI)Anneke Beerten (NED)
2012Michal Prokop (CZE)Melissa Buhl (USA)
2013Tomáš Slavík (CZE)Katy Curd (GBR)
2014Tomáš Slavík (CZE)Katy Curd (GBR)
2015Joost Wichman (NED)Natasha Bradley (GBR)
2016Tomáš Slavík CZESteffi Marth GER
2017Tomáš Slavík CZENatasha Bradley GBR
2018Felix Beckeman SWERomana Labounková CZE
2019Tomáš Slavík CZENatasha Bradley GBR
RiderDH Wins4X WinsTotal Wins
Greg Minnaar7 DH1 4X8
Tracy Moseley5 DH5
Tomas Slavik 5 4X5
Rachel Atherton4 DH4
Jill Kintner4 4X4
Anne-Caroline Chausson1 DH2 4X3
Natasha Bradley 3 4X3
Jared Graves3 4X3
Sabrina Jonnier3 DH3
Gee Atherton2 DH2
Sam Hill2 DH2
Amaury Pierron2 DH2
Emmeline Ragot2 DH2
Cedric Gracia1 DH1 4X2
Katy Curd2 4X2
Jana Horakova2 4X2
Michal Prokop2 4X2