Downhill / 4X Pro Tour

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The ultimate full-on, high speed charge down one of the longest, toughest courses in the World. It requires technical ability of an incredible level coupled with a fearless perspective of the rock-strewn corridor that is the Nevis Range World Cup course.

It’s more than 2.8km long, drops 555m and takes around 4mins 30secs for the best Elite men. For all riders, the arrival into the cauldron of noise and crowds that is the Fort William Finish is one of the best experiences on the circuit.

The Downhill is man and woman against the mountain and the clock. A pure race to the finish with the fastest qualifiers going last, guaranteeing excitement and upset right to the very last moment.

4X Pro Tour

The 4X is pure head to head racing. 4 riders start each round and the first 2 across the line go forward to the next round, knockout style.

It’s fast, furious and gladiatorial where power + technique + a bit of tactical thinking can make all the difference.

The course is about 450m and uses the final section of the Downhill. The big jumps and big berms allow big overtaking moves whilst the crowds can access virtually all of the course from the World Cup Village.