Freewheel.co.uk sign up as new Fort William National Sponsor

After 2 years in Covid limbo, Fort William is back on the Mountain Bike World Cup calendar in 2022 – with a great new National sponsor – Freewheel.co.uk

So, it’s a massive Fort William welcome to the team at Freewheel. If you don’t know the name, it’s an e-commerce website designed to support independent bike dealers by helping them have an online presence. When you buy on Freewheel.co.uk you’re helping support your local bike shop as they receive commission from almost every sale made on the website.

Freewheel is part of Madison – you’ll definitely know the Madison Saracen Team and their top rider, Matt Walker, who was World Cup Overall Champion in 2020.

Dominic Langan, CEO of Madison, said: “Fort William is certainly a highlight of the race calendar for me and over the years I have enjoyed watching some spectacular races and riders – including our own team and those we have sponsored over all the years. For 2022 I am delighted we are able to be the Exclusive World Cup National Main sponsor with Freewheel, which provides us a great opportunity to amplify what Freewheel is all about to a fully engaged audience and to help drive business to our nationwide network of local independent bicycle shops.”

Will Longden, manager of Madison Saracen and former World Cup DH racer said: “Fort William World Cup is an iconic race with an atmosphere and following like no other event on the mountain bike calendar. The drama unfolds on race day like a blockbuster movie and of course the UK riders all come into the finish arena welcomed as heroes”.

“I get goose bumps talking about it because I’ve lived this race from the start hut in one of the best rides of my career and I’ve lived it in the finish bowl as Madison Saracen Team manager watching Matt Walker take the win. Nothing can match that feeling… and after a two-year break, 2022 Fort William World Cup promises to be the best one yet. Do not miss it!”

Find out more about Freewheel and learn how you can support your local bike shop online by visiting the website or following on social media: