Behind the Bill

The recent 2014 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and BUFF® 4X Pro Tour was another magnificent showcase of the best mountain bike action in the world.

There’s a host of filming and photography that will be circulating the internet and TV stations for months to come – all capturing the drama, excitement, colour and atmosphere that Fort William always delivers.

But what is required to elevate a car park in the Highlands into a field of dreams for a unique showcase of sporting action?

This year, brothers Andy and Jonny Ashworth, 2 young film makers from Glasgow decided to forego the search for high profile event footage and concentrate on a behind the scenes view of the people that make the event happen.

They arrived on site just as the crew started building up the courses and village infrastructure and followed them through the whole build-up process through to the winning runs on the Sunday.

They amassed 18 hours of footage over 7 days and have distilled everything into a 14 minute film that gives a real insight into the story behind the World Cup weekend in Fort William.

Andy was the winner of a Nevis Range video competition in 2012, so this is a major step forward in his development as an accomplished film-maker. He is currently studying Film and TV at Edinburgh University. Younger brother Jonny is about to embark on a similar course at Clyde College.

19 year old Andy stated “It was such a great experience to spend time with all of the crew throughout the event. They all put in such a huge amount of effort that never seems to be fully acknowledged by the general public. Hopefully this film will get across just what goes into making this spectacular event a reality.”

It’s great to see the crew behind the World Cup getting recognition. It captures the camaraderie and positive vibe that surrounds the event and shows why everyone enjoys being part of something that’s so special. It’s impressive the way they’ve distilled so much into such an interesting, enjoyable package. They must have some great out-takes!