Update 5

Trek World go back to school

Trek World Racing is taking their riders back to school at Fort William. Brook Macdonald (NZE), George Brannigan (NZE), Neko Mulally (USA), Greg Williamson (GBR) and Laurie Greenland (GBR) will be visiting Inverlochy Primary School as part of the Trek team’s community outreach programme, which they organise at each World Cup venue.

There will be extra interest amongst the local school kids because Greg is almost a local – he comes from Inverness, just 60 miles from Fort William.

Trek World go back to school

The trek boys go back to school. Photo: Gary Williamson

Silverline wall ride challenge

One of the Downhill riders will leave Fort William with a Silverline Drill Driver (you can never have too many power tools). All he or she has to do is get the highest line on the Silverline Wall Ride during training runs, as judged by the local marshal.

If you’re watching at the Wall Ride on Saturday, help the marshal make his decision with vocal support when the tyre tracks get higher.

Fort William trailer sets the scene

Fort William is the third stop on the 2014 Downhill World Cup tour, so the battle lines have been drawn and the leading contenders for the overall season title are in position. Now it’s Fort William – a very different type of course where not only must you battle down the tough upper section but you need to keep something in reserve for the final sprint along the huge jumps of the Motorway.

Check out the story so far and who’s on fire coming into Fort William on the Red Bull Media House website. This is also where you can follow the Fort William action live – if you can’t make it on 7-8 June.

Watch it at RedBull.com

BUFF® Whip Comp

Not some bizarre Indiana Jones type ritual but an informal challenge amongst the Downhill riders to perform the most outrageous Whip as they come through the Scotland arch.

In biking terms, a whip involves pushing the bike and body into wild shapes whilst in the air. Big jumps give lots of airtime, when riders push their bike flat, sideways or both before bringing everything back for a smooth, fast landing. For most of us it’s a “how did they do that” moment. For the downhill stars it’s a natural way of staying in active control of the bike with a healthy bit of showing off chucked into the mix.

During Saturday training, when the riders can be a bit free-er, they can bump up the exhibitionist element of their whip. We’ll be using crowd reaction at the jump and in front of the Big Screen to select the winner.

Whip it for Wally

Whip it for Wally. Photo: phunkt.com

Nevis Range Prepares

There are no major course changes to the Nevis Range Downhill track this year – just lots of subtle changes to sweeten the line choice. Could we see an improvement on Gee Atherton’s fastest time of 4 min 35.7 sec, recorded in 2010 or sister Rachel’s fastest women’s time of 5min 08.85 secs recorded in 2013?

Make sure that you are there to find out.

Ready for Action

Nevis Range – soon to be the centre of gravity action.

Dougie Lampkin’s Speed Trial enters the arena

12 times FIM Trial World Champion and 8 times winner of the Scottish Six Days Trial Dougie Lampkin will face stiff opposition when he comes up against current European Trial Champion and World Championship contender Eddie Karlsson from Sweden, as the duo go head to head in a series of Speed Trial challenges.

Over a course designed and built by the renowned Martin Lampkin – these two decorated Trial riders will contest a series of dual lane races that will decide who will become the undisputed Speed Trial King.

Alongside his sporting success Dougie has become a household name in more recent years thanks to his TV appearances on shows such as BBC’s Top Gear and ITV’s Red or Black?, not to mention his millions of YouTube viewers around the World.

However Karlsson will be able to count on his own supporters thanks to his performances on the World stage this season and his recent European success.

Sparks are sure to fly, so make sure you are there to see this epic battle between two of the best vertical warriors on the planet.

Dougie Lampkin Goes Speedy

Speedy Dougie. Photo: Sam Needham

Continental Madison Pit Stop

Bikes and bodies take a real hammering on the Nevis Range World Cup course. It’s long, rocky, rough and fast – especially on the top section.

Punctures are a constant possibility. On race day it’s a disaster and unfortunately, nothing can be done.

However, during training runs it’s a different story. Riders unlucky enough to get a puncture don’t have to struggle down to the finish but can get mobile again, courtesy of Madison and Continental. They supply the tools and tubes for a quick on the spot repair and a saved training session.

Pit Stop Time
Fort William pit stop! Photo: Adrian Walls

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