A little bit about us!

The guys over at Dirt have been sorting through all the facts, statistics and figures for each round of the World Cup… and now that Fort William is drawing upon us they’ve created an infographic all about ours. We like how they mention it’s the best stop on the calendar!


The biggest and best stop on the World Cup calendar is approaching and we have put together this nice big infographic jam packed with interesting tit bits about the next race.

Fort William has been on the circuit a long time, Dirt’s editor Mike Rose has been to every single one and this year you will see him up there too. It’s a tough track with ample room for error but it’s also a place where magic can happen. Chris Kovarik pulled that bonkers winning margin out back in 2002 and no one will forget Gee and Rachel taking top spots last year.

If you missed our earlier info graphics then check them out, PMB and Cairns.

So dive in and take a look, who would have thought they have to make that many packed lunches!

Fort William Infographic 2014

2014 downhill world cup infographic: Fort William first appeared on Dirt