Get to know them better: Rider Profiles – Floraine Pugin

Floraine Pugin
Floraine Pugin – Downhill Women

Years on the World Cup circuit? I started as a Junior in 2006… So I’m now starting my 8th year on the circuit. Can’t believe how fast this goes!

Do you ever wear lycra? I actually wore lycra at the Fort William Worlds in 2007 as we were all wearing skinsuits at that time! It looks pretty bad but I have to admit it felt faster, especially in the windy upperpart.

Flats or Clips? Clips

What gets you dancing? A world cup win or being in a good state of mind, with good sound and good mates are enough

Favourite sportsperson? I’d say Kilian Jornet, even if I don’t have the same vision of mountaineering (I would be more of a slow hiker who takes time to enjoy the moment), what it does is unbelievable and he’s so into his thing!

Ever tried haggis? Of course! I always like to try local stuff. But I don’t really want to know what’s inside..

No. of Twitter followers? Hummm, not that many.. 203. I might need to get a bit more active tweeting!

Other sports? Ski! Both alpine skiing and ski touring. I love going in steep couloirs, such an amazing atmosphere!

Favourite TV show?  How I Met Your Mother

How does it feel coming into the Fort William finish arena? It’s incredible, you’re so exhausted by your run but the crowd makes you push even harder!