Sunny Meadow gears up for Round 2 of 4X Pro Tour

The second round of the 4X Pro Tour is upon us as riders prepare to hit the Sunny Meadow 4X track this Saturday 5 May in Szczawno Zdroj, Poland.

The people of Szczawno take 4X very seriously, ensuring that the event is well advertised and promoted around the town. Best of all, local shops will close early on Saturday afternoon to make sure that everyone can get over to the 4X track to watch all the racing action.

The Sunny Meadow 4X track is in the centre of town where a lot of money and pride has been invested by the local mayor and race organiser Andzrej Skrzypczak. Due to this dedication, the track itself is a work of art. A fantastic start cabin covers the riders before they snap out of the gate and race on the fastest 4X track that the Pro Tour series will visit this year. High speed and huge jumps are the trait for this track and only the most focused riders will make it to the final.

The ones to watch…

In the mens race, Tomas Slavik was the clear winner of Round 1, winning every race to take the win ahead of Czech compatriot, Lucas Mechura. Jacub Riha was the fastest Qualifier in Round 1. Joost Wichman, Aiko Goehler, Felix Beckeman and Blake Carney will be looking to put a severe dent in the Czech dominance of the first round.

In the womens race, Round 1 winner Anneke Beerten will not be racing at round 2 due to some prior sponsor commitments. Celine Gros, Katy Curd or Lucia Oejtens are the battling it out to take the win in the second round.

You can watch all the racing action live on freecaster.

For more information, have a look at 4X Pro Tour website.