The Downhill Superheroes are coming

The Superheroes of Downhill and 4X don’t wear their pants over lycra. They weren’t born in a galactic supernova or involved in a lab explosion that generated life-changing forces.

But they can fly, oh boy, can they fly.

When it comes to getting down one of Britain’s highest mountains in superquick time there is none faster than the international superheroes of Downhill and 4X mountain biking. They’ll all be heading to Fort William in search of glory on the toughest courses in the world, ready to prove their superstar status in front of thousands of ecstatic fans.

How do they manage to race at such speeds down what is little more than a boulder-strewn elevator-shaft? Come and discover their secret in June and join the fans celebrating the return of the Downhill Superheroes.

You’ll believe men (and women) can fly.