6-7 JUNE 2020 6-7 ÒGMHIOS 2020

The weekend of 6-7 June would have been the 19th year of continuous World Cup (or World Championship) Mountain Bike Action in Fort William. Unfortunately we couldn’t all meet up in the Scottish Highlands for one of the best celebrations of the sport in the world. But we did have a Gathering of riders and fans on the 7th June, featuring 2 hosts, 13 guests, over 50 clips and the inaugural World Cup Downhill Duck Race.

Look out for more information about 2021. We’ll be back.

Ticket purchasers

With regard to tickets, we really appreciate your commitment to the event. You are the reason that it can take place and why it is so popular. You have two options with regards to your purchase:

1. Request a full refund. Please note this may take several weeks due to staffing issues caused by the Covid-19 situation. Please email raquel@nevisrange.co.uk.

2. Carry your ticket purchase through to the 2021 event (likely to be June 5-6 but not yet confirmed). If you do not ask for a refund, we will assume that you want to transfer your tickets to the 2021 event.

Thanks to all fans, riders, teams, event crew, contractors, sponsors and partners for their support.

We’re looking forward to an even bigger UCI World Cup weekend in the future.