Previous Winners

These are the exceptional riders who have claimed victory in the 4X at Fort William:

Tomáš Slavík (CZE) holds the current mens’ record with 5 incredible wins under his belt, followed by Jared Graves (USA) with 3.

The USA’s Jill Kintner holds the women’s record with 4 fantastic winning runs, Natasha Bradley (GBR) close behind with 3, and Katy Curd (GBR) and Jana Horáková (CZE) on 2.

Year4X Men4X Women
2002Cédric Gracia (FRA)Anne-Caroline Chausson (FRA)
2003Greg Minnaar (RSA)Katrina Miller (AUS)
2004Guido Tschugg (SUI)Anne-Caroline Chausson (FRA)
2005Leiv Ove Nordmark (NOR)Jill Kintner (USA)
2006Michal Prokop (CZE)Jill Kintner (USA)
2007Brian Lopes (USA)Jill Kintner (USA)
2008Jared Graves (AUS)Jana Horáková (CZE)
2009Jared Graves (AUS)Jill Kintner (USA)
2010Jared Graves (AUS)Jana Horáková (CZE)
2011Roger Rinderknecht (SUI)Anneke Beerten (NED)
2012Michal Prokop (CZE)Melissa Buhl (USA)
2013Tomáš Slavík (CZE)Katy Curd (GBR)
2014Tomáš Slavík (CZE)Katy Curd (GBR)
2015Joost Wichman (NED)Natasha Bradley (GBR)
2016Tomáš Slavík CZESteffi Marth GER
2017Tomáš Slavík CZENatasha Bradley GBR
2018Felix Beckeman SWERomana Labounková CZE
2019Tomáš Slavík CZENatasha Bradley GBR