4X Stars and British Interest

The World Cup weekend kicks off in style with the ever-popular 4X Pro Tour (4 Cross) event on the Saturday evening, setting the scene for another big weekend of gravity action. 4X racing returns to Fort William (venue for the first ever 4X World Cup event back in 2002) with the second of 4 events in the 2018 series of hard-charging, head-to-head contests.

All 4X riders have the explosive energy needed to move ahead in sprints, fearless commitment in the jumps and a natural ability to choose a line that puts them in front of their competitors. There have been some similarities with BMX racing in the past, but courses are now rougher and more technically challenging to retain the mountain bike element. Course design tries to create overtaking opportunities to encourage exciting head to head racing.

The British 4X challenge in the men’s racing is led by Scott Beaumont and Luke Cryer, ranked 4th and 5th respectively in the 2017 Pro Tour series and Natasha Bradley who is ranked 1st in the women’s series.

For details of the 2019 4X Pro Tour visit their website.

If you would like to race in the 4X Pro Tour you can register here

 2019 4X Pro Tour Circuit

Round 1           June 1                        Fort William (GBR)
Round 2
Round 3           Aug 16                       Szczawno Zdroj (POL)
Round 4           TBC                            TBC

2017 UCI 4X World Ranking

1.Felix Beckeman (SWE) instagram.com/felixbeckeman/
2. Tomas Slavik (CZE) www.tomasslavik.com
3. Quentin Derbier (FRA) facebook.com/Quentin-Derbier-4X-Racing

1. Natasha Bradley (GBR) www.facebook.com/NatashaaBradley/
2. Romana Labounkova (CZE) www.facebook.com/Romana-Labounkov
3. Helene Fruhwirth (AUT) www.helenefruhwirth.com/

2017 World Championships, Val di Sole, Italy

Gold – Felix Beckeman (SWE) instagram.com/felixbeckeman/
Silver – Quentin Derbier (FRA) facebook.com/Quentin-Derbier-4X-Racing
Bronze – Giovanni Pozzoni (ITA)


Gold – Caroline Buchanan (AUS) carolinebuchanan.com
Silver -Romana Labounkova (CZE) www.facebook.com/Romana-Labounkov
Bronze -Helene Fruhwirth (AUT) www.helenefruhwirth.com/