Local Info

Distances between places in Fort William are not far and this makes it an excellent place to walk and cycle.  Why not help to reduce congestion in the town during the event by walking and cycling from your accommodation to the town, supermarket, the event and other sites.

There are frequent local buses linking most areas to the town centre. www.stagecoachbus.com

Cycling in Fort William

Give your car a rest and make it a cycling trip in Fort William.  There is a network of cycleways in the town and a dedicated cycleway beside the A82, from Fort William to Torlundy. From Torlundy there is a quiet road, closed to most traffic, which takes you to the World Cup Village. Avoid cycling on the A82 – it is a busy main road with lots of lorries.

For further information about cycling in Fort William check out the following website: www.sustrans.org.uk

Spectators can bring their bikes to the World Cup but will not be allowed to bring them into the World Cup Village or take them on the gondola.  There is a Bike Park, just beside the main entrance where you must leave your bike – but remember to bring your lock.

If you’re bringing your bike on the train or coach please remember to reserve a place for it when you buy your ticket and put it in a box or bag if you’re travelling by coach.

If you can’t bring your own bike with you, you can rent one at the following venues:

Nevis Cycles

Witch’s Trail Bike Hire

OffBeat Bikes

Taxis in Fort William

Taxis in Fort William are used to carrying out door equipment and adventure gear.
Local taxi companies:

Scotland Taxis

Greyhound Taxis

Travel Advice from the Northern Constabulary

Northern Constabulary welcomes competitors and spectators to the Lochaber Area. Please ensure that you pay particular attention to your belongings during this trip as thieves may be operating in the area. If you have cycle equipment which is not security marked we would encourage you to have this done and to secure everything well at night.

Please leave plenty time for your journey here and for your return and be considerate when driving. Parking has been provided and any permanent or temporary restriction will be rigorously enforced to ensure your safety and convenience.

Remember, Fort William is a safe place, but always remember to secure your bicycle equipment just as you would anywhere else.