Gaelic in the Highlands

The Highlands and Islands are home to Scotland’s national language – Gaelic – so it’s only fitting that you’ll see Gaelic signs and references at the World Cup and in Fort William. If you meet up with some native speakers, here are some key phrases to help break the ice.

Welcome Fàilte Fal-tcha
A hundred thousand welcomes Ceud Mìle Fàilte Kee-ut Meel-uh Fal-tcha
Thank you Tapadh leat Tapa-let
Please Ma 's e do thoil e Mas e doh hol e
Excuse me Gabh mo leisgeul Gav mo lay-shgal
Where is the railway station? Càit a bheil stèisean na trèana? Catch a vail station na train-u?
Where is the Mountain Bike World Cup? Càit a bheil Cupa na Cruinne? Catch a vail Koo-pu na Kroon-yu?
Where is the nearest bar? Càit a bheil am bàr as fhaisge? Catch a vail am bar as ash-ku
Big Mac and fries please? Big Mac is Sliseagan mas e do thoil e Big Mac is shlees-a-gan mas e doh hol
Can I have this dance? An danns thu còmhla rium? An downs oo cowla room?
The mountains are beautiful Tha na beanntan àlainn Ha na bee-own-tan aleen
My bike has a puncture Tha toll air taidhr mo bhaidhsagail Ha towl air tyre mo vi-cycle
Two beers please Dà ghloinne leanna mas e do thoil e Da glan-ya lee-own mas e doh hol e
Two whiskies please Dà ghloinne uisge-beatha mas e do thoil e Da glan-ya oosh-ku beh-ha mas e doh hol e
Abhainn River A veenAudio
Achadh Field Ach-ughAudio
Allt Large stream AwltAudio
Baile Township BaluAudio
Beinn Mountain (‘Ben’ in Scots) BeinAudio
Bràigh Upland (‘Brae’ in Scots) BryAudio
Caochan Small stream Ki-chanAudio
Càrn Cairn shaped mountain KarnAudio
Clach Stone KlachAudio
Cnap Lump KnapAudio
Cnoc Low hill KnocAudio
Coille Forest Kul-yaAudio
Coire Large hollow in hillside (‘Corrie’ in Scots) Kor-uAudio
Craobh Tree KrivAudio
Creag Crag/mountain of medium height KraikAudio
Dail Riverside meadow DalAudio
Druim Small ridge DrimeAudio
Fiacaill Narrow ridge Fee-uch-alAudio
Gleann Tributary river valley (‘Glen’ in Scots) GlawnAudio
Inbhir River mouth InvirAudio
Làirig Mountain pass La-rikAudio
Loch Lake LochAudio
Lochan Little lake LochanAudio
Meall Conical hill/hill with conical summit Mee-awlAudio
Monadh Mountain range, usually with passes Mon-ughAudio
Sgòr Peak SgorAudio
Srath Main river valley (‘Strath’ in Scots) StraAudio
Sròn Nose-shaped ridge SronAudio
Tom Small hillock TowmAudio